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Mario Legacy by kakashi0hatake Mario Legacy :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 1 0 Apple New Gen by kakashi0hatake Apple New Gen :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 0
I Love You
I love you
Those words
Can never truly describe
My love
For you
Every time the sun rises
I yearn to see your face
Only it can bring me joy
Clearing the dark clouds
That blot out my view of the Sun
Being near you
Banishes the hatred
Rage and evil thoughts
From my mind
Clearing my mind
Of a way
I once lived
Your touch
Your affection
Warms my cold
Dead heart
Ushering in feelings of Joy
Happiness and Love
Never have I felt this way
An roaring river
Of Happiness flows in me
Many times I can say
That I love you
But no words can express
My true Love and Passion
For you
My Love
Your lips
Were crafted by God himself
When my lips meet yours
A rush of Joy
Enters Me
Causing me to melt
From my emotional rush
Your body
Is so sinfully delicious
Only Satan himself
Could have made
Such a sinfully delicious body
Every time I get the chance
I take part
In the sinful treat
That is You
Many times I can say
That I love you
But no words can express
My true Love and Passion
For You
My Love
Scientists say Love
:iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 1 0
Black Heart: Presence of Evil
As I sit in my room
Pondering on life
I feel the air
It has an intention
An intention of hate
An intention to kill
Looking up
I see nothing
No entity
No human
No animal
But it is there
I sense it
IT sees me
Im not safe
Safe in my dreams
It glares at me
With black soulless eyes
"Call me back"
:iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 0
Night by kakashi0hatake Night :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 1 0 PSD Pack 8: The Final Collection by kakashi0hatake PSD Pack 8: The Final Collection :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 2 2
Mature content
Black Heart, Whores :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 0
Mature content
Twisted :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 0
Orange Sora by kakashi0hatake Orange Sora :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 2 0 Guy in a Gas Mask by kakashi0hatake Guy in a Gas Mask :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 1 1
Black Heart: Torn Apart
I am in a room,
All alone with my thoughts,
Staring into the vast,
Black expanse ahead of me
I feel my feet touch stone,
The grainy texture slides against my feet,
As I walk forward,
I see a person crying
As I walk up,
Her face becoming clearer,
She was beautiful,
Yet sad
She was wearing,
The blackest hooded cloak ever,
I got close to her,
To try and comfort her
As tears rolled down her porcelain like face,
Her bleach blonde hair messed up,
Her make up smearing,
I watched her swipe her hair aside to lay eyes on me,
I'll never forget those eyes
The richest and clear blue ever,
The sadness and hatred inside those eyes,
I felt a connection with the suffering,
I never knew why
I asked her what ailed her,
And the only reply I was given,
Was that of silence,
And a glare that would strike a man down
She pointed past me,
Behind me,
I turned around,
And saw nothing,
When I turned around however,
That beautiful creature disappeared
I stood up slowly,
Pondering what happened,
As I turned around,
:iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 0
Human Heart Remake by kakashi0hatake Human Heart Remake :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 1 3
Prologue: Black World
      I am an abomination created by man himself. While I was in the womb, the doctors mutated my genetic structure. They pierced my mothers abdomen to inject me, as I was still an unborn fetus, causing her immense pain and I as much. From the reports I had read, there was a point at which her body created a callus layer to protect me. They instead got pill supplements and used a tool to guide them in to me through her vaginal tract, allowing the chemicals to seep through my skin. My mother, was being used against her will. She was in immense pain everyday while I was growing inside her. Then according to the doctor who delivered me, I had mutated to such an animalistic state. During the day she had given birth to me, I ate my way out of her body. Hollowing out my mothers insides. The doctors said it was a parasitic instinct they gave me. All this started because of the governments program, named "Abomination". A program to create super-soldiers, that coul
:iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 0
Where can?
Where can you crawl,
where your mistakes do not follow?
Where can you walk,
where your failures do not haunt?
Where can you run,
where your regrets do not give chase?
Where can you hide,
where your anger does not find?
Where can you go,
when no hope is left?
Where can you exist,
without being despised?
Where can you speak,
without being shut out?
Where can the good live,
without being choked out?
Where can you shelter your heart,
where darkness does not assault?
Where can you live,
without governments rule?
Where can you breath,
without death watching over?
Where can the weak,
work in harmony with the strong?
Where can the true victims,
seek there own justice?
:iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 2 4
Blue and Purple by kakashi0hatake Blue and Purple :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 2 0 Phil Bozeman Vector by kakashi0hatake Phil Bozeman Vector :iconkakashi0hatake:kakashi0hatake 0 3


Chain by SusanCoffey Chain :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 401 17 Dead Space by Enigmarez Dead Space :iconenigmarez:Enigmarez 85 30 Dark Souls FB Cover Photo by Enigmarez Dark Souls FB Cover Photo :iconenigmarez:Enigmarez 4 2 smoke - illustrator brush pack by r2010 smoke - illustrator brush pack :iconr2010:r2010 448 146 deviant by someone-else deviant :iconsomeone-else:someone-else 11 1 Optimal Mouse by JohnSu Optimal Mouse :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 28,207 3,131 Myth Conceived by 2BORN02B Myth Conceived :icon2born02b:2BORN02B 366 143 Hidden Doodles: Hide and Seek by LeiMelendres Hidden Doodles: Hide and Seek :iconleimelendres:LeiMelendres 566 29 oneiron NPC designs by someone-else oneiron NPC designs :iconsomeone-else:someone-else 3 0 Dark Link by SmithyGCN Dark Link :iconsmithygcn:SmithyGCN 134 45
Dream Of Nightmare Chapter One
Eyes followed my every move. I moved my arms and legs to make sure that they were okay. When I tried to stretch my arms, many old women gasped and ran to the closest corner. What are they so afraid of? I looked at my clothes. I was wearing a regular black t-shirt, regular blue jeans, and a pair of Nike's. Nice. Then I looked around the cabin again for some kind of clue. I didn't trust my voice yet. If an old lady reacted that way from moving my arm, what kind of reaction would I get from speaking? I found out that there was an upstairs, and in many different places in the cabin, were holes. Not bird house holes either. No, these holes looked like that they were made by a savaged punch.
"What happened to the walls of the cabin?" I whispered. I figured that it would be easier on the other people in the cabin.
"Them," hissed a woman in her late 30s or early 40s. She had on on dress that looked like a potato sack. And no shoes.
"Them? Who are they?" I asked. Why did she use so
:iconmew2013:mew2013 1 0
Future-Party-Girl by Dinoforce Future-Party-Girl :icondinoforce:Dinoforce 196 17 Tales from the West by darkdex52 Tales from the West :icondarkdex52:darkdex52 11,292 1,776 murder season by someone-else murder season :iconsomeone-else:someone-else 4 0 Play It Loud by breathelectro Play It Loud :iconbreathelectro:breathelectro 6 4 Deus Ex by breathelectro Deus Ex :iconbreathelectro:breathelectro 1 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Michael. One lovable guy if you get to know me. I always try to reflect my own emotion and heart through my art. (Hence the creation of the Human Heart piece.) In the time i have been doing art, design, poetry, i have had the fortune to meet a lot of people from different walks of life. Some people said it was destiny, fate, or fortune. But I am the first to tell you, all of them had and have a sad story to tell.

Im a person of many skills and talents. I write music, play the piano, play multiple sports, finally learning photography, graphic artist, game designer, game coder, website designer, a very good chef, and many other things.

~The lovable artist,

Current Residence: Tennesse
Favourite genre of music: Grindcore, Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Rap, Rock, R&B, Nu Metal, and Gothic.
Favourite style of art: Vector, and Photo-Manip
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Sony
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi from Naruto
Personal Quote: "No man really become's a fool until he stops asking question's." ~Charles P. S
A dark outlook on life...

That lightly describes how dark of an outlook I have on life.

People have told me that I should look on the bright side of every situation, first. I would if it was in my nature to think of all the positives of every situation, but instead I do the opposite. I think of every possible horrible, cruel, and inhumane thing that could happen.

People have told me of there horrible pasts, that happened recently (a year ago). And I told them to get over it, dwelling in the sadness and pain only puts you behind. You lost a family member? Im sorry, life in itself IS its OWN Hell. As far as I am concerned, the Earth, is Satan's playground. The level of depravity and immoralities that are exhibited in our own societies across the world, is disgusting. And if you, The Reader. Did not know... Way back in 1950, they did not have our societal problems. In reality, we are doing things now that were considered taboo back then in the 50's. The farther we go back, the more our own generation seem like sick animals in there eyes.

People these days show now morals, and if they do, they never stick by them. We always chase what makes us feel good, or what we think is right. But that never necessarily means that our own feelings are right. What if it was wrong, evil, sick, or immoral? Many societies lack a sense of judgement...I hope that makes sense. People seem to be retro-verting back to the times of the city Sodom and Gamora.

Finally...have you guys heard of the telephone effect? Where you say something, and then passed through multiple people the message is bound to change. Now think about this for a second. What if what we are taught now by the world, is a twisted and distorted way to live. Anyways, just a few reflections from yours truly.
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